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US K3 Marriage Visa, Thailand

K3 Visa Thailand

The K3 Marriage visa allows the Thai spouse of an American citizen to enter the United States with the intention of eventually settling down in the US.  This USA spouse visa is a multiple entry visa that is valid for two years but the Thai spouse must adjust his/her legal status in the country within these two years in order to stay as a legal permanent resident.  The US K3 visa was designed to quickly reunite American citizens with his/her foreign spouse as opposed to obligating him/her to wait for a permanent resident visa overseas. 

K3 Visa Requirements

In order for an American citizen to obtain a US Marriage visa for his/her Thai spouse, one must have proof of a legitimate marriage; secondly the American citizen must prove that he/she is  financially able to support his/her Thai wife or husband.  The children of the Thai spouse will be able to enter the US on the subsidiary K4 visa. 

K3 Visa Process for Thais

Two petitions must be submitted sequentially by the US citizen on behalf of his/her Thai spouse with the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS), a Petition for Alien Relative (form I-130) as well as a Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) (form I-129F).  Once the I-130 is approved by the USCIS, the I-129 F petition form is forwarded by the USCIS to the National Visa Center and finally, upon approval, to the US Embassy in Bangkok (or the Embassy where the marriage was registered).  Once the petition for the K3 visa application is approved, there is additional screening by the US Embassy.  Once approved after the K3 visa interview—the Thai spouse may enter the US and stay on the K3 Marriage Visa for up to two years.  An application for legal permanent residence should be filed during this two year time period. 

US Immigration Attorney Thailand

Under normal circumstances with properly prepared documents, most legitimate marriages between Thais and Americans will be approved for a US Marriage visa.  A US immigration lawyer based in Bangkok, Thailand, however, will make the visa process proceed smoothly, reducing wait times and general confusion.  K3 Marriage applications require a large volume of carefully prepared paperwork and supplementary documentation that many Americans simply do not have the time or resources to successfully compile.  Our office is bilingual and our Thai attorneys assist with contacting and requesting Thai language documents from Thai government offices. Our US visa attorneys have direct access to both the USCIS and the US Embassy in Bangkok and have years of experience filing successful, low stress US K3 Marriage visas for Thais.

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