Bangkok Hitler Chicken Exposed As Fake

This is one story that continues to rumble. The infamous Bangkok fast food outlet “Hitler Chicken” is still making news.

A travel writer, Andrew Spooner,  tweeted a picture of the outside of the outlet, whose color and imagery bore similiarties to famous fast food chain, KFC. Spooner claims not to have taken the picture, but just found it on the internet. However, the story then went viral, and the Daily Mail even quoted an individual who claimed he had eaten there. Unconfirmed reports also now allege the quote was made up.

The picture was however considered so legitimate that KFC even sought legal advice whether the sign outside the restaurant breached Thailand trademark law .

However it is now reported that the outlet has either now closed or in fact never really existed in the first place.

Thailand’s craze with so called “Nazi chic” has caused outrage with many western tourists, but Thailand attorneys  explain it results from ignorance of history rather than any malice.

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