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Cross Recognition of Thai- American Parentage

An Illinois court ruled in favor of a Thai woman recognising an American as her child’s father


An Illinois Court has ordered a man to pay child support in Thailand to triplets he had fathered through assisted conception methods.

Justice Lampkin of the Circuit Court of Cook County ruled in accordance with a judgment order from Thailand recognizing Harlow to be the biological father of triplets conceived by gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) and imposed child support obligations on him.

The mother, Wipaporn T. petitioned the Circuit Court of Cook County to recognize and enroll the Thai judgment under the principles of comity.

Harlow tried to get the petition dismissed under  claims that it contradicted an Illinois Parentage law that does not recognize sperm donors as fathers. However, Harlow had signed the consent form for the transfer under “husband”. Wipaporn also submitted photographs showing Harlow and herself participating in a traditional Thai marriage.

The Illinois court ruled that since Harlow had acted like the father prior to conception and had “plans to claim the three boys as dependents, take tax deductions for his support payments to them and enable them to access their rights of U.S. citizenship,” he must support the three children.

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Law Requiring Sex Offenders to be Identified on Their Passports is Challenged

A civil rights group has filed a lawsuit to challenge a law requiring sex offenders to be identified as such on their passports.

The International Megan’s Law bill has been signed by President Obama, and was passed by Congress last week.

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The California Reform Sex Offender Laws have challenged the law, arguing that as passports are used as the primary form of identification that a sex offender passport symbol could pose significant safety risks to the person as well as their travel companions.

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Overview of the USA Criminal Justice System (Video)

This month, American attorney Jonathan Leeds of Chaninat and Leeds, is joined by American criminal defense attorney Stuart Leeds to give an in depth overview of the USA criminal justice system.

The pair both spoke to an audience at Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU).

Watch them here:

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US Courts Should Use Foreign Laws, Says Justice

Justice Stephen G. Breyer from the United States Supreme Court is advocating that the US begins to take foreign law into account.

As New York Times reports, Breyer’s recent book “The Court and the World” suggests that the court should take note of laws overseas, as roughly 20% of court cases are related to activities outside the US.

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Justice Breyer argues the court “more harmonizing, understanding and application of American law to foreign activities is not the same as American courts deciding cases on the basis of foreign law.”

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Expat Finances: Interview With David Kuenzi (New Video)

Chaninat and Leeds recently caught up with financial expert David Kuenzi of Thun Financial. The firms aims are to lessen the financial troubles expats may experience while living overseas.

Listen to our chat below, which touches on FATCA, smart investment and general banking issues expats may experience.

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