DBD Reduces Fee Requirement for Registering a Private Limited Company in Thailand

When registering a private limited company in Thailand, the Thai government requires two specific fees to be paid to the Department of Business Development.

Recently, these fees have been lowered.

Prior to this new fee amendment, fees for registering a private limited company were subject to a maximum of 25,000 baht upon filing the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and a further 250,000 baht upon finalizing the registration.

These fees, based on capitalization, could place a significant financial burden on companies.

Registration fees have now been reduced to a flat rate of 500 baht at the time of filing a MOA and another 5,000 baht when finalizing the registration.

So, in total, government fees for registering a new private limited company in Thailand have been reduced from 275,000 baht to 5,500 baht. 

The fee amendment demonstrates the efforts of the Thai government and the DBD on promoting business development in the Kingdom.

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