Mongols Motorcyle Club Trademark Takes A New Twist

Federal prosecutors have already lost approximately a quarter of a million dollars trying to take away the Mongols Motorcycle Club trademark.

But now they’re having another bite at the cherry following the dissolvement of the group which has re-started with a new name. If successful it means that the federal government could end up owning the trademark it’s been after for years.

However, the case has just taken a new twist as Court House News Service reveals that the Gang/Club are now in fact suing the government. They claim they are not a criminal organization and are not responsible actions of any members.  They also submit  that a federal court already has ruled that the government cannot use RICO law to seize an organization’s trademarks, as they are now trying to do again.

Motorcycle clubs, such as the jesters, are popular in Thailand although  we do not know whether any Thai motorcycle clubs have ever tried to trademark their brand under Thailand Trademark Law.  If one tried to do so,  they would need to either form a Thai juristic person or have an single individual register on their behalf

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