Old Michigan Paternity Law Leaves Man Responsible For Another Man’s Child

Joseph Chmelar, a divorced dad of two, was told by his two young sons, that not even nine months after splitting from their mother, that she had another baby. Shortly thereafter he received a letter, revealed Wood TV, demanding that he pay $8,500 in back pay child support for the baby. There was at no time a dispute raised over the paternity of the child. Further, the biological father is actually happy to take financial responsibility.

As the mother had become pregnant when she was still legally married to Mr Chelmar, an old Michigan Paternity law states the Court is under no obligation to recognize a child’s biological father, but instead when considering child support, should consider who can best provide for the child, thus Mr Chelmar found himself involved as he was still married to his ex wife at the time of the baby’s conception.

The Court has now said Mr Chemlar is clear of all responsibility for that child.

In Thailand, if parents cannot agree to the terms of child support, a complaint can be filed with the court demanding Thailand child support. If the father’s paternity has not been established by law, it may be necessary to file a paternity case against the father. Cases are decided by the Central Juvenile and Family Courts of Thailand. The Family Court will take into consideration various factors in arriving at a child support schedule.

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