How Do Cultural Differences Affect Inter-cultural Marriages in Thailand?

 The rate of intermarriage between different nationalities is increasing worldwide and also inThailand. Of course, as the marriage rate increases so does the divorce rate. This trend is also noticeably in Thailand.

There are many advantages that come with cultural differences in marriages and families such as: new language, discovering new foods, knowledge of two cultures, travel and potentially more employment opportunities. There are however also many challenges in Thailand’s intercultural marriages, cultural differences are one of the major factors that may make living together difficult in intercultural families.

Cultural differences in Thai-western relationships are examined in the following videos to encourage couples and families to learn about their spouses’ or family members’ culture and its difference from their own, hopefully this may lead to more harmony in family relationships.

  • Showing Anger in Thailand – What happens when a westerner loses his or her temper inThailand? This video examines cultural difference with regard to public displays of anger or aggression.


  • Public display of attention on Thailand – How much affection, and what forms of affection are permissible between marriage partners in private or in public?  What display of affection is appropriate between a marital partner and a friend outside of the marriage?

  •  Understanding “kreng jai” in Thai culture – What is “kreng jai”? Why does it play an important role in Thai culture? “Kreng jai” literally “fearful heart” is a concept that is similar to “deference” or “face-saving” behavior.

    • Western vs Thai parenting – How does a Western-Thai couple differ in child raising?

    •  Taking showers in Thailand – How many times do Thais take a shower in a day? How do grooming and hygiene define social status in Thailand? Thailand is hot tropical climate and Thai people bathe quite often.

  •  Thai respect for elders – Do western societies respect their elders in the same manner as Thai people do?


Thailand Lawyers Listings

Finding a lawyer in Thailand can seem like an overwhelming and difficult process, particularly when you are in a crisis situation. There are local Thai attorneys and law firms, as well as international firms that cater to foreign clients. Many law firms advertise on the internet, while others rely on more traditional methods of obtaining clients.

The following comprehensive listing of Thailand lawyers is separated into geographical categories:  

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Thailand Prenuptial Agreements Information Resources

Many couples considering marriage use prenuptial agreements to protect their financial interest in the future.  However, couples of different nationalities or residing in different jurisdictions are potentially affected by issues of conflict of laws with regard to international prenuptial agreements.  Conflict of law situations arise when the law of different nations or states may control a prenuptial agreement and the court must decide what law to apply. Courts can apply the law of their own nation or state or the law of a foreign jurisdicThailand Prenuptial Agreementstion.

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