Thailand Specialized Training Center Helps Children with Special Needs

Families seeking help for their children with conditions such as learning disabilities, physical disabilities, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Down’s syndrome and other developmental disorders can turn to the Sabatan Sawang Foundation’ training center for specialized education programs and training. The Training center aims to enhance confidence and self-reliance in children and adults with special needs.

Special Education in Thailand


Thailand Divorce Information Resources

The resources below are to provide general information for persons considering divorce in Thailand.

 Thailand divorce law is a link to the actual text of divorce code ofThailand.

Thailand divorce FAQs provides answers to the most commonly asked questions by divorcing couples.

 Thailand lawyers link is a comprehensive list of attorneys in Thailand found at the thailawforum site. The list may help divorcing couples find the right qualified divorce lawyer.

Thailand divorce settlement agreement provides information to divorcing couples considering a divorce settlement to lessen the emotional and financial burden of a tedious divorce process.

Child custody Thailand supplies an overview of Thai custody issues that frequently arise in Thailand divorce cases.

Child support law Thailand explains the issue of child support in Thailand divorce cases.

Marital Separation a Sensible Option to Expensive Divorce for Poor Couples

Long –term separation seems to be the low-cost, do-it-yourself alternative to divorce for economically disadvantaged couples according to a recent study conducted by sociology professors at Ohio State.

 The study shows that 80% of couples who went trough marital separation eventually divorced within 3 years. 5% attempted to reconcile and 15% neither divorced nor reconciled within 10 years. The study suggests further that, compared to people who divorced, those who separated without divorcing also tended to have more children.

Prof. Dimitry Tumin who co-authored the study said that separation may not be the first choice but the couples may feel it is their best choice. Couples choosing separation over marriage tended to be racial and ethnic minorities, have low family income and education, and have young children.

Couples married in Thailand may obtain a divorce without going through the mandatory 3 years separation, provided the divorce in Thailand is consensual.

Men More Prone to Alcohol Abuse than Women after Divorce


Men are more likely to abuse alcohol more than women after divorce according to a study conducted by University of Cincinati’s sociology professor, Corrine Reczec.

The study asserts that marital status may influence or change the drinking habits of men and women. Men drink less when they are married and tend to drink more frequently after divorce, and are generally more prone to developing alcohol abuse. In contrast, married women tend to drink more than their single friends, researchers say.

Divorce in Thailand has a dynamic relationship on alcohol consumption but in different ways for men and women. Men may be more likely to use alcohol in bars and pubs than women as many more bars and pubs in Thailand cater to male customers. In general, Thai culture does not support women’s use of alcohol.

US Lawyers carve out New Market Exclusive for Divorcing Men

US lawyers have found a new niche market amid escalating divorce rate and growing numbers of lawyers: “Divorce for men”. These divorce lawyers who exclusively represent divorcing men believe they can provide specialized help to men who fear losing their kids, their houses, and being burdened with massive spousal support or alimony payments.

Protecting rights of divorcing men issues begun in the 70s when men’s right groups challenge divorce laws they felt financially favored women and child custody laws that they claimed favored mothers over fathers when couples divorced.

In Thailand, divorce lawyers who work in this area represent divorcing men on matters ranging from child custody, child support, visitation, and even birth father rights in adoption and paternity issues.

Although there may be a preference for mothers to have custody of young children in divorce cases in Thailand, in general this does not appear to be discrimination against men, according to Thailand divorce attorneys. Additionally, awards of maintenance and child support are fairly conservative compared to western jurisdictions.