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US Immigration Office in Bangkok Ceasing Operations

The US State Department announced that it plans to close all of its overseas US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) field offices throughout the coming year, including Thailand’s immigration office located in Bangkok.

USCIS field offices typically handle family visa requests and issues, international adoptions, and a wide range of other more specialized immigration services.

The Bangkok USCIS office is the regional “hub” office for Southeast Asia.

The USCIS has another 22 offices spread across regions of Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

Based on the planned closures, USCIS field office services will be transferred to US embassies and consulates as well as the State Department.

Specific key functions that can be expected to be taken care of by embassies and consulates after the change include petitions from citizens attempting to bring their family members to the US, processing requests from asylum seekers and refugees, assisting US citizens in adopting foreign children, naturalizing US military personnel who don’t yet hold citizenship, and investigating fraudulent visa applications.

Our law firm’s most frequent cases involving the local Bangkok USCIS office have primarily been returning US resident family visa applications and renouncing permanent residency status.

The services provided by the Bangkok USCIS office will likely be assumed by the US Embassy in Thailand or US-based USCIS offices.

The closure will primarily affect US citizens residing in Thailand who seek to petition for family-based US visas for immediate family members.

Under the current system, US residents in Thailand can often use the Bangkok USCIS directly, saving significant time.

Starbucks Goes After Bangkok Street Vendor


Coffee heavyweight, Starbucks have taken a Bangkok street vendor, to Court claiming his logo is a breach of their own.

Starbucks are arguing that they obtained an injunction against the vendor in September preventing him from continuing to use the logo.

The hearing was due to begin on Monday, but the brothers failed to show. They have now been ordered by the Court to attend on 18 November.

Bangkok trademark attorney law firm, Chaninat and Leeds explain that although Thailand does not officially require trademarks to be registered, the registration of a trademark ensures companies do not knowingly infringe on an existing mark.

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Insurance Firm Pays Compensation to Lampang Crash Victims



Approximately five million baht (160,726 USD or 99,000 GBP as at October 2013 exchange rate) is reportedly going to be paid to crash victims following the collision of the  double-decker bus on Wednesday 23 October 2013 reports The Nation. The collision occurred when the bu was transporting passengers around the Chiang Mai area early on the Wednesday morning to join a robe-offering ceremony at Wat Mai Samakkhee in Wang Nua before visiting another temple and Phayao Lake prior to heading back to Chiang Mai.

The money should be paid to the 17 injured passengers and the families of the 21 deceased people within a week confirmed Chiang Mai Governor Wichien Phuthiwinyu. Police investigators believe malfunctioning brakes could have been responsible for the accident.

Recently there have been an increasing amount of traffic accidents in Thailand. On this occasion, the bus company, Weerapan Tour and Travel Limited Partnership, had insured its passengers which will cover medical costs, and go towards providing some form of compensations for the families of the deceased, but if you are living or traveling in Thailand, medical insurance is highly advisable.

Thailand personal injury lawyer, Jiraporn Thongpong recently concluded a personal injury case for an Israeli citizen who was injured in a traffic accident when on holiday in Thailand. The  case took 11 years to settle. Jiraporn explained, “personal injury cases in Thailand can be lengthy to fight as defendants as nearly always reluctant to admit responsibility. We continued to fight the claim for our client however, and ultimately received a damages cheque on behalf of our client to cover their expenses.

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Bangkok Hitler Chicken Exposed As Fake

This is one story that continues to rumble. The infamous Bangkok fast food outlet “Hitler Chicken” is still making news.

A travel writer, Andrew Spooner,  tweeted a picture of the outside of the outlet, whose color and imagery bore similiarties to famous fast food chain, KFC. Spooner claims not to have taken the picture, but just found it on the internet. However, the story then went viral, and the Daily Mail even quoted an individual who claimed he had eaten there. Unconfirmed reports also now allege the quote was made up.

The picture was however considered so legitimate that KFC even sought legal advice whether the sign outside the restaurant breached Thailand trademark law .

However it is now reported that the outlet has either now closed or in fact never really existed in the first place.

Thailand’s craze with so called “Nazi chic” has caused outrage with many western tourists, but Thailand attorneys  explain it results from ignorance of history rather than any malice.

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