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Court Extends Statute of Limitations Based On Delusions

A mentally ill inmate who suffered from severe delusions has been allowed by the USA 9th Circuit Court additional time to file an appeal reports Courthouse News.

Steven Forbess was convicted of attempted murder, assault, kidnapping and coercion of his former wife, Joanne.

Lawyers on behalf of Forbess explained he believed he had been placed in prison for his own protection from the drug cartel and he would be released when Joanne was apprehended.

After hearing evidence about Forbess’ mental condition and the severe delusions he had been suffering from, the court granted him an exception to the statute of limitations (also known as a “prescription period” to allow him to file an appeal.

Extensions of time limits and exercising discretion around the statue of limitations is dealt with purely on a case by case basis. It is always prudent to ensure therefore that cases and appeals are filed in the correct time rather than believing an extension of time will be granted in each case.

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