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Prenuptial Agreements for Pets

Following high profile cases involving English celebrities Nicole Appleton/Liam Gallagher and Charles Sataatchi/Nigella Lawson, more and more couples are now considering entering into a pet prenuptial agreement to resolve who retains custody of pets in the event of a split reports The Telegraph.

As pets are considered “property” of the couple they can form part of a prenuptial agreement, unlike child custody which is considered a separate issue. However many couples often think of pets as being like children, and this can in fact be one of the most stressful things to decide when a relationship breaks down, with 1/5 couples reporting it is as stressful as deciding child custody arrangements.

Stories of more and more  couples  in courts fighting over access rights to the pet are becoming more common place, and some are demanding maintenance for their pampered pooch.

A Thailand prenuptial agreement is null and void unless it is officially registered in Thailand before the marriage. In the US and other western countries, it is generally a private agreement between parties and is not registered with the government.

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The Rise Of Thailand’s Cat Smuggling Trade

It was sadly reported yesterday a cat smuggling gang were seized in the Nakhon Phanom area.

Around 100 cats were seized and taken into protective custody by immigration officials as the gang attempted to smuggle them from Thailand into Vietnam, where apparently feline meat is now considered a delicacy. The widely condemmed dog smuggling trade was already known about by most members of the public, but it is thought this is the first time an attempt to smuggle cats has been reported.

Sodsai Ampawa, 26 of the Buri Ram was arrested and in the back of his pick up, police discovered plastics cages holding cats.

The Soi Dog foundation has been working hard in conjunction with the livestock and quarantine officials close to Thai borders, and the Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has pledged its assistance if needed to look after the cats.

Thai authorities are expected to investigate further.

Thailand attorneys explain that whilst the practice of eating cat and dog meat is unimaginable to most western Thai residents and tourists it is in fact not illegal in many Asian countries, however under Thailand criminal law, their transportation across borders for commercial use is.

We are grateful the gang were caught and the cats were saved just in time.

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