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Prenuptial Agreements To Become Legal in the UK?

It seems the UK is closer than ever before to making prenuptial agreements legal.

There have been two different stories in the press this first week of February 2014:

Firstly, that the Matrimonial Property, Needs and Agreements paper is due be presented to the Justice Secretary prior to  before Parliament.

The news comes as Family Law Week  reports that this week the UK Courts enforced a prenuptial agreement that was being challenged by a wife seeking to overrule the agreement, however the Court decided after a careful review of the agreement, that it should be upheld, moving away from the more traditional stance of English courts in putting prenuptial agreements to one side.

However, it is unlikely this will become officially law until after the General Election which is due to take place next year.

In a Thailand prenuptial agreement, individuals can specify the properties involved and separate them into two categories joint property and individual property. Couples can also specify how finances will be managed during the marriage.

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