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Registration of Foreign NGOs in Thailand

This video by Chaninat & Leeds law firm discusses the registration and operation of foreign  NGOs in Thailand and details how non-Thai NGOs may establish activities in Thailand.

The preferred operating form for an NGO operating in Thailand is normally a Thailand registered foundation.

There are many volunteering opportunities available in Bangkok: from social issues, to environmental issues, to health care issues, to minority rights, to human rights, however there are also a number of areas that foreign NGOs are not allowed to operate in Thailand.

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Offences Relating to Partnerships, Companies, Associations and Foundations

It is important for any foreign managing director of a Thai company to become familiar with the requirements of the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code so as not to unintentionally commit an offence.

More and more private limited companies registering in Thailand are being managed by foreign directors, who often lack any or any proper Thai language skills, and find themselves leaving the rules and regulations of Thai business law to their admin staff to handle.

If the  Civil and Commercial Code  is breached,  a managing director could be rendered liable for criminal penalties under the Act Determining Offences Relating to the Registered Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Company, Association and Foundation of 1956.

Even though this law has in fact been Thai law since 1956, few directors are aware of it and the impact it can have on them as individuals.

Relevant Document:

Offences Relating to Partnerships, Companies, Associations and Foundations