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Thailand Paternity Law and Foreign Fathers

A common misunderstanding is that a father’s name on a birth certificate is sufficient to establish paternal rights in Thailand, but this is incorrect. In Thailand, although a man may be the biological father of the child in question and established a relationship with his child, but without having met the necessary legal requirements, may lack the legal rights to his child.

In Thailand,fathers rights are created either by marriage to the mother or through court action.

Foreign parents in Thailand will usually seek to establish the citizenship of their Thai born children through their embassy in Thailand. Although establishing paternity (or maternity) is normally a fundamental issue with regard to citizenship, establishing paternity under Thai law is not necessarily needed to gain legal paternity under foreign law.

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More Americans Are Giving Up Passports Due To Tax

It has been reported by CNN Money that more Americans are giving up their passports.

Some are blaming the new disclosure law aimed to eradicate tax evasion, whilst expats say they are sick are completing two tax returns. The US requires all of its citizens to pay income tax regardless of where they live or where the income was earned.

The increase comes as the U.S. prepares to implement the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, a new law that requires foreign institutions to report all assets owned by Americans.

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