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New Polish Prime Minister Removes Unpopular Cabinet Ministers

Polish PM, Morawiecki has managed to persuade Poland’s most powerful political leader, Kaczynski, to let go of Poland’s most criticized Cabinet Ministers in an attempt to strengthen relations with the EU. The former Ministers now include the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Environment. The removal of these Ministers who approved of the logging in one of Poland’s old forests has deterred sanctions on Poland by the EU.

Morawiecki had kept the Minister of Justice, Zioboro, as he fully backs the amendments of the justice system and was behind the sweeping reform of the justice system. The PM has expressed the change in the justice system has been a long time coming and necessary. He also comments that the objective is to be more “transparent and cost-efficient”. Some of the new policies include energy and climate policy and the acceptance of Ukrainian refugees who have been displaced by the conflict with Russia.

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The PM hopes that the reshuffling of the government shows a more conciliatory approach to the EU and that it allows for Poland to have a significant role in a strong Europe. The Ministers that have been replaced are the Defense, Finance and Development Ministers.

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