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Ex-Husband Asks Wife To Become Housekeeper

The Telegraph reports that a businessman asked his ex-wife to carry on living in their marital home as a housekeeper after he moved in mistress in, and was apparently at a loss when she expressed her displeasure at his suggestion.

But she ended up with the last laugh, as on Wednesday 29 January 2014, the Family Division of the High Court ruled that she was entitled to nearly half of her former husband’s £13.6 million fortune.

Although the couple divorced during the 1990s they carried on living together, until he met another woman and moved her and her five year old daughter into the marital home.

She then moved out and sued for more than 6 million GBP. Her former husband argued she had previously agreed she would only ever be entitled to 3.4 million GBP, but she argued that was under duress.

This case highlights that a claim for financial assets does not necessarily need to be brought at the time of the divorce and can be brought at any time up until a new marriage happens.

It is also a helpful reminder of the benefits that prenuptial agreements bring as  litigation can be an unpredictable process.  In the event of a divorce, a prenuptial agreement can assist with dividing the marital assets. But be careful. A Thailand prenuptial agreement is null and void unless it is officially registered in Thailand before the marriage. In the US and other western countries, it is generally a private agreement between parties and is not registered with the government.

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A Legal Comparison of Prenuptial Agreements in The US, Thailand and the EU

With the rise of globalization and increased ease of travel, an international perspective is vital to most legal matters. Many countries have recognized the necessity of a uniform approach for the treatment of international prenuptial agreements and their legislatures have responded and indeed more couples are seeing the benefits of entering into a prenuptial agreement either to protect specific assets, or just for general peace of mind.

However if there are conflicting jurisdictions how do Courts deal with such issues?

Unfortunately, even if the parties’ try and plan ahead an and include a choice of law provision it can sometimes be the case that this offers more problems than it does solutions.

In Thailand if a prenuptial agreement  has conflicting jurisdictional issues, then the Thailand Conflict of Laws Act clarifies any international conflict of laws in Thailand, but sadly the situation is much less clear in the US, where couples can never be certain quite how the Courts will rule.

In the EU, the Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Matrimonial Property Regimes presents a uniform and highly flexible approach to prenuptial agreements which again provides more certainty than the US presently do.

This article by Joe Leeds, manager of Chainat & Leeds law firm looks in more detail at how international prenuptial agreements are dealt with and carries out a detailed comparison of US law, Thailand law and EU law.

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