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Bill Amendment to Prohibit Congress Members from Paying out Sexual Harassment Cases

Congress members have introduced new legislation that will prohibit legislators from paying settlements in sexual harassment cases with taxpayers’ money. The Bill in question is the “Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 Reform Act” that demands the accused lawmaker to pay compensation to the US Treasury within 3 months of the settlement.

In a situation where the legislator refuses the reimbursement to the US Treasury than the compensation will be deducted from their salary. The Bill will also provide a legal office for complaints against members of Congress pertaining to these matters. The Bill will no longer require the victim to sign a non disclosure agreement in order to file the complaint. It would also allow for the Member of Congress to retain their employment but may have to take paid leave.

The Bill is yet to have a committee date on the calendar but has been bypassed with the House, Oversight and Government Reform, Ways and Means and the Committees on Ethics. This is the first amendment to the Bill since it was first passed in 1995.

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Image: United States Congress