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Attempted Divorce In US State That Doesn’t Recognize Their Marriage



We knew it was not going to be long before this issue arose, the only questions were when and what state, and now we have those answers.

Dallasvoice.com  has reported that two same sex couples who were married in Massachusetts but now live in Texas want to divorce, but Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is fighting it against the divorce that was granted at first instance, arguing same-sex couples in Texas can’t divorce because the state doesn’t recognize their marriages.

The argument is whether a state can grant a divorce when the marriage is not recognized, and indeed whether a state can actually contest a divorce in light of the fact that it is only the two parties involved who can petition.

Thailand divorce attorney, Jiraporn Thongpong explains, “this case is really interesting and there will be many awaiting the judgment. Presently same sex marriage is not legal in Thailand, but it is reportedly going to be the first Asian country to recognize it. If this is the case, then potentially many Asian same sex couples will travel to Thailand to get legally marriage, which could leave them with the same issue if they return to their home country and then decide to divorce”.

Read the full article here – judgment is expected to be received in the late Spring/early summer.

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Vietnam To Introduce Same Sex Relationship Ceremonies?



On Sunday 3 November 2013, people gathered in Hanoi to rally in support of equal rights for gay couples ahead of the news that gay and lesbian couples in Vietnam may soon be allowed to hold relationship ceremonies reports The Wall Street Journal.

While the amendment of the Law of Marriage and the Family  currently being debated is a long way from hopes that gay marriage would officially be recognized, or would lead to equal rights for gay couples, activists say is a step in the right direction.

The issue of legalization of same sex marriage in Thailand  has been widely debated in recent months with many welcoming it as a positive step in the right direction

Vietnam’s National Assembly is scheduled to begin debating on Tuesday 5 November.

 Read the full story here


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The Rise Of Thailand’s Cat Smuggling Trade

It was sadly reported yesterday a cat smuggling gang were seized in the Nakhon Phanom area.

Around 100 cats were seized and taken into protective custody by immigration officials as the gang attempted to smuggle them from Thailand into Vietnam, where apparently feline meat is now considered a delicacy. The widely condemmed dog smuggling trade was already known about by most members of the public, but it is thought this is the first time an attempt to smuggle cats has been reported.

Sodsai Ampawa, 26 of the Buri Ram was arrested and in the back of his pick up, police discovered plastics cages holding cats.

The Soi Dog foundation has been working hard in conjunction with the livestock and quarantine officials close to Thai borders, and the Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has pledged its assistance if needed to look after the cats.

Thai authorities are expected to investigate further.

Thailand attorneys explain that whilst the practice of eating cat and dog meat is unimaginable to most western Thai residents and tourists it is in fact not illegal in many Asian countries, however under Thailand criminal law, their transportation across borders for commercial use is.

We are grateful the gang were caught and the cats were saved just in time.

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