The FDA Application Process In Thailand

There are an increasing amount of FDA applications in Thailand.

This could in part be due to the thriving medical industry.  An increasing amount of tourists and expats with disposable incomes are heading to Thailand for treatment which has led to more medical service suppliers setting up shop in Thailand.

Such suppliers need to recognize however that importing pharmaceuticals, or other medical, narcotic and toxic substances into Thailand first requires registration with the FDA.

The Thailand FDA application process must be followed and will differ slightly depending on the type of product that is being imported.

Generally, importers need to provide fairly comprehensive details about the company they will be instructing to import the product, plans and photos of the production facility plant and evidence to show that Thai law requirements have been met in respect of manufacturing.

Fees and the time required for filing product registration application will depend on the item being registered.

FAD applications can be complicated and timely and are a hugely administrative process, conducted solely in Thai. Consulting a law firm that is familiar with the Thai FDA registrationand its processes can help to make sure that applications are expedited and dealt with as smoothly as possible.

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