US Dad Forced to Pay 26 Year Old Daughter’s Law School Tuition

Photo by Jeff Hester
Photo by Jeff Hester

Opposing Views recently reported that an American father had been ordered by an appeals court to pay half of his 26 year old daughter’s $225,000 law school tuition fees.

The father, Mr Livingston, agreed to pay half of his daughter’s tuition fees in a divorce settlement in 2009. His daughter then asked him to honor the agreement in 2012 when she was accepted to attend Law school. Mr Livingston responded that he would pay $7,500 and only if his daughter lived with her mother and attended a Law school of his choice.

Mr Livingston’s estranged wife filed and won a lawsuit against him in 2012 demanding that he honor his child support agreement. Livingston recently appealed against the court’s ruling stating that he should not have to honor the divorce agreement because he has become estranged and that he had no involvement in the choice of her Law school.

Mr Livingston may have prejudiced in this decision because of the child support settlement agreement he previously signed. Had there been no signed agreement the Court may have ruled that child support should end when a child reaches the age of emancipation. Chaninat and Leeds Thailand child support attorneys state that in Thailand, the majority (emancipation) age is 20 years old. In US Courts the age of emancipation can vary but is usually considered to be between 18 and 21 years of age. However, in some cases child support obligations may be extended until college graduation.

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