US Embassy Staff to Become Sales Force for Defense Contractors

The Trump Administration has loosened the policy on foreign US arms sales. The major policy change may come about as early as February and could result in conflict escalation around the world. The “Buy American” scheme will involve US diplomats and military personnel stationed internationally to be the transaction connection for American arms contractors and US defense sales.

The aim is to engage embassy staff members to aggressively sell weapons opening the gateway for foreign bodies to do business with the US. It is a possibility for weapons that were once considered illegal and black market to become mainstream and see the light of day as official US policy. The scheme would further deputize US diplomats at the forefront of arms deals.

The new foreign arms policy deal will greatly benefit the 5 main US defense companies. The plan as told by a senior administration official is to not only promote the sales of small arms but also drones, fighter jets, tanks and artillery. Current regulation for arms sales out of the US is centered on human rights and to make sure the sales of weapons do not fall into the hands of war criminals and sanctioned regimes. However, it is unclear how the new policy will mitigate current regulations whilst increasing sales as it will boost sales with non-NATO allies such as Egypt and Pakistan who have fewer restrictions when it comes to human rights issues.

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Image: Foreign Policy of the Donald Trump Administration


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