Indian Islamic feminist organization, and advocates of women’s rights in India, known as ‘The Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA) have helped support many cases of Muslim women who constantly ‘live under the fear of being unilaterally divorced by their husbands.’

Unilateral triple talaq is the practice in which a ‘Sunni’ Muslim man says to his wife “I divorce you” three times in Arabic. The practice of “triple talaq” has been legally recognized throughout history, but banned in 22 Muslim countries it is still practiced today by Sunni Muslims in countries such as India and even Saudi Arabia.

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An example, of one still unsettled case which started in Feb 2016, Shayara Bano and Afreen Rahman experienced the practice of being divorced by their husbands in a very specific way known as “unilateral triple talaq” and took their case to the Supreme Court of India ‘demanding an end to the triple talaq, seeking justice from the courts to abolish the practice.’

Aljazeera news reported that more than ‘50,000 Indian Muslim women and men have signed a petition’ wanting to completely eradicate the practice of the unilateral triple talaq or divorce with the support of BMMA.

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