Financial considerations of a Thailand Divorce

by admin on May 13, 2013

The Daily Mail has recently reported a growing trend in couples investing in a grand and festive marital ceremony, being more likely to divorce in the future.  In fact, it has been established that 8 in 10 couples who divorce within five years blame high wedding costs as an instigating factor.  Young newly-weds regularly spend over an eye watering  £30,000 (46,000 USD or 1,360,000 baht) on the wedding ceremony itself. Perhaps however the trend is about to buck? It has been widely reported that British actress, Keira Knightley recently enjoyed a  modest ceremony, abandoning the limo, big dress and expensive cake and choosing to marry at a City Hall.

Senior couples also appear to be re-thinking the financial and legal implications of marriage and but for different reasons.  Excessive health care costs in the US, mean that many seiors need to qualify for some public assistance.  The has identified that NewJersey law allows couples to divorce and transfer community assets of the marriage to the other spouse in order to meet the financial requirements of Medicaid, known as a “Medicaid divorce”.

As Thailand attorneys aiding foreigners in Thailand marriages and Thailand divorces we have knowledge of both ends of the spectrum from priveleged clients splurging on extravagant Thailand weddings, complete with private islands and beaches to clients who have suffered following the most violent of divorces, where motivations of financial gain have made the Thailand divorce turned deadly. 


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