Warning on US Embassy Website

by admin on October 17, 2017

According to Cambodia Daily, US officials have expressed con­cern that agencies are en­couraging Cambodians to commit fraud in or­der to apply for American visas.

Travel agents, visa facilitators and organized fraud rings are convincing Cambodian citizens to use counterfeited documents, such as fake bank statements, for their applications, according to US government officials.

Clay Adler, regional fraud prevention manager based at the US Embassy in Bangkok, said that these documents are often not required, but can result in an applicant being banned from the US for life.

The US Embassy in Cambodia issues a warning to visa brokers in the country.

“Please note that the Consular Section does not deal with visa brokers.  Anyone who claims they can guarantee visa issuance or expedite visa processing is lying.  The Consular Section treats allegations of fraud or malfeasance in visa processing very seriously.  If you have specific information about an incidence of fraud or malfeasance, please contact our office by sending an email to: visasphp@state.gov.”

If you are ever in doubt of whether you are in the presence of a visa broker as opposed to a real lawyer, watch for the following telltale signs:

  1. You find yourself unconsciously checking if your wallet is still in your pants pocket.
  2. After shaking his hand, you feel like going to the restroom to wash up
  3. You get the feeling that you will be offered a good deal on a pre-owned vehicle.


Increasing numbers of pregnant Chinese women are flocking to the US shortly before their due date, due to the US rules that automatically grant citizenship to anyone born in the States.

About 10,000 Chinese women traveled to the US to give birth in 2012, a figure double the 4,200 in 2008.

US immigration attorneys in Thailand Chaninat and Leeds are experts US visa law

As CNN writes, this birth tourism industry has sprouted out of parents desire to obtain a US passport for their child, should the Chinese pollution and food safety scares become too great an issue.

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Russia’s lower house speaker Sergei Naryshkin has accused the US State department of “diplomatic impropriety” after Valentina Matvienko, the speaker of Russia’s upper house of parliament was granted a limited US visa, apparently making her forthcoming UN conference impossible, reports Sputnik. Matvienko was due to head Russia’s delegation to the 4TH World Conference of Speakers […]

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Unlicensed Visa Consultant in Thailand Gets 24 Years in Prison for Child Sex

November 27, 2014

Brian Wright, an unlicensed U.S. visa consultant in Thailand, was found guilty on October 28 of criminal charges for having sex with a 12-year-old child, reports Case Watch Asia. The Thailand immigration attorneys at Chaninat and Leeds have been assisting Thai and foreign clients in Thailand with visa applications since 1997. Wright’s trial has lasted […]

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Definition of ‘Mother’ Updated, Includes Gestational Mothers for US Immigration and Citizenship

November 12, 2014

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