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B Visas: Background and Medical Clerkships | US Visa Immigration in Thailand

B Visas: Background and Medical Clerkships

by admin on May 4, 2009

Probably the most basic form of a US visa is the B1/B2 visa. The “B” visa class encompasses travel for tourism and Short business trips. There are more applications for “B” visas than for other types of US visas in Thailand and as a result more rejections.

In our Thailand law practice we usually encounter the “B” visa class in 2 circumstances. The first is when a US partner would like to use the visa for bringing a boyfriend or girlfriend to the USA. The “B” visa is often perceived as a way for a partner to visit the USA without the commitment that a fiancée or marriage visa requests.

In such cases, we normally do not accept those cases and advise the couple to consider a fiancée visa if and when they become more committed to the relationship. The reason for our reluctance to accept “B” visa cases under these circumstances is that the.  “B” visa usually is denied by the US embassy based on the Thai partner failing to show sufficient “ ties “ to Thailand.      

The other way we encounter “B” cases is with Thai citizens independently seeking to enter the US for business related travel. This would fall into the “B1” category. The “B1” visa is quite flexible insofar as that it allows travel for short term business meetings , conferences and training courses. Occasionally prospective students will also use the B visa for investigating schools and educational possibilities before applying for an F (student) or J (training) visa apply.

Although the “B1” visa is generally associated with short term business trips, one aspect of the flexibility of the visa is that it can also be used for more longer term business professional and educational objectives as designated by law.

One interesting use of the “B1” visa is its use for an “Elective Clerkship” by foreign medical students for training at a US medical school hospital. The “Clerkship” must be without remuneration. The visa is available for foreign medical students pursing their 3rd and 4th year internship in a US medical school in furtherance of a foreign medical degree. The visa is for “practical experience”. The “B1” visa may therefore fill a gap when more traditional visas for education are the F visa and J visa are not available.

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