Becoming a US Citizen is not Everyone’s Dream

by admin on February 7, 2013

According to a recent study by the Pew Hispanic Center, Mexican nationals are by far the largest immigrant group in the US and not as interested in US citizenship as many think. The 2010 Department Homeland Security record shows that there are 40 percent of the 2.7 million Hispanic immigrants who benefited from the 1985 Amnesty program are now living in the US as citizens.

Under the amnesty program, Mexicans can come out of the shadows and take advantage of the opportunity to get a green card or permanent residency and apply for a US citizenship. However, the study shows a majority of Mexican immigrants turn down US citizenship with only 11 million undocumented immigrants actually doing so.

The lack of confidence in English skills and the expensive cost of naturalization process were cited as the main obstacles in a report by Fox News Latinos, adding that the amnesty program would create a huge number of legal residents but not US citizens.

Chaninat and Leeds, Thailand US Immigration lawyers, cited that the majority of Thai nationals looking to immigrate in the US are the younger generation and Thai spouses or fiancée of American nationals looking to live with their partners in the US. Thais generally prefer living in Thailand and rarely stay longer than their trip in the US requires, even with a 10-year tourist visas.

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