Obtaining a US Visa with a Criminal Record in Thailand

by admin on March 16, 2010

Obtaining a US Visa with a criminal record from Thailand is possible.  According to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) section §212(a)(2)(A)(i)(I), aliens who have been convicted of certain criminal crimes, such as an aggravated felony or a crime involving moral turpitude, can result in a US visa denial. A conviction includes a “guilty” or “nolo contender” plea.

Moral turpitude refers to conduct which is inherently evil, vile or depraved. The severity of the punishment imposed does not determine whether or not a crime involves moral turpitude. Political offenses, such as acts committed during war or rebellion, are not included in this ground of exclusion. Therefore, “lese majeste” offenses, such as insulting the king, are not expressly mentioned in the act but some may argue that due to it not being a political offense in the US, it would not normally exclude an applicant.

There are two exceptions to this ground of exclusion. First, the ground does not apply where the alien has committed only one crime, he/she was under 18 when the crime was committed, and the crime was committed five years before the date of application. Second, the ground does not apply when the alien has committed only a single crime for which the maximum penalty is one year of imprisonment or less and the alien was not sentenced to a term greater than six months.

Obtaining a Visa

Along with the exceptions, stated above, there are also two US visa waivers available to applicants. The first waiver, §212(h)(1)(A), is available if an immigrant establishes that (1) the criminal conviction that makes him/her excludable occurred more than 15 years before the date of application; (2) his/her admission to the U.S. would not be affect the national welfare, safety, or security of the United States; and (3) he/she has been rehabilitated. This US visa waiver does not apply if the applicant is excluded for prostitution under INA §212(a)(2)(D)(i) or INA §212(a)(2)(D)(ii).

The second us visa waiver, INA §212(h)(1)(B), is available if the applicant establishes that he/she is an immediate family member (spouse, parent, or offspring) of a US citizen or permanent resident and that his/her exclusion would result in extreme hardship to the US citizen or permanent resident spouse, parent, or offspring. Extreme hardship consists of much more than mere seperation. Separation from immediate family members is considered normal hardship. Extreme hardships includes, but is not exclusive to: (1) medical needs and inability to provide such care in the home country to the US citizen(s) and/or permanent resident(s) that are immediate family members; (2) loss of education and economic opportunities for the US citizen(s) and/or permanent resident(s) that are immediate family members; (3) inability to financially support dependents, including elder parents, spouses, and children who are US citizen(s) and/or green card holders; and (4) language and cultural barriers for US citizens and/or permanent residents that are immediate family members.

Crimes for Which No Visa is Available

No US visa waiver is available for serious aggravated felonies such as murder and criminal acts involving torture, regardless of whether there was a conviction or not. In addition, no waiver is available for applicants convicted of trafficking controlled substances, unless the crime is a single offense involving the possession of 30 grams or less of barbiturates (marijuana). An attempt or conspiracy to commit these crimes are also included under this ground.

Obtaining Criminal Records

If you were arrested and/or convicted of an offense, you are required to obtain a court record from the court where you were tried. Since police records are not public in Thailand, you must apply to the Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police to obtain them. With your application you must include your passport, two passport size photographs, house registration, and military exemption certificate (males). If you are no longer in possession of these documents, you may submit a sworn statement which gives reason and location of the arrest, state and county. Applicants are also required to obtain a police certificate from the ACPO within 6 months of the visa interview.

Appealing a US Visa Waiver Denial

Whether an applicant qualifies for an INA §212(h) waiver is at the discretion of the Attorney General and the Immigration Court. A US visa denial by the Immigration Court may be appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals. An affirmation of the ruling by the Board of Immigration Appeals shall be final. No federal court shall have jurisdiction to review a decision of the Attorney General, Immigration Court or the Board of Immigration Appeals to grant or deny a waiver. INA §212(h) waivers are only available to “immigrant applicants.” Therefore, if you are a nonimmigrant applicant, you must seek an I-601 waiver of inadmissibility.

Please see US Visa Denial Thailand for more information

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