The United States, United Kingdom and Canada Agree to Restrict Visas for Iranian Officials

by admin on July 18, 2011


On July 9th, the US Department of State released a statement reporting that the United Kingdom had joined the United States in imposing visa restrictions on citizens from Iran who have been implicated in human rights abuse cases.

Canada also released a statement that it would support these measures. The visa restrictions are mostly intended for Iranian officials, including military and law enforcement officers, government ministers, prison officials and judiciary officials tied to human rights abuses related to political repression in Iran.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pursued this action under the United States’ Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), which grants authority to the US Secretary of State to impose restrictions on entry to the US for aliens believed to be a threat. Secretary Clinton has determined that a legal basis exists to call for visa refusal for some Iranian applicants.

Any Iranian individual deemed to have had a role in the continuing repression of human rights defenders, lawyers, students, women’s rights leaders, civil society representatives, artists, ethnic minorities and religious minorities will face US visa restrictions if he or she submits a  US visa application.

In our experience as US visa lawyers in Thailand , the most common basis for exclusions in Thailand are health grounds and prostitution offenses. Under certain circumstances, these exclusions may be waived by the USCIS and US Embassy.  However qualified attorney help is advised.

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