US Visa Fraud in Los Angeles

by admin on April 25, 2011

Three individuals who operate MPEagle Consultants, an immigration consultant business, were arrested earlier this month and charged with immigration fraud. The three defendants are members of a California family, including a married couple and their 30-year-old daughter.

The three defendants face charges of creating and filing false U.S. marriage documents and work visa petitions for foreign citizens that may have paid fees as high as $60,000 for their services. MPEagle Consultants targeted low-income or unemployed U.S. citizens to “marry” the foreign customer in exchange for payments of $2,000. After MPEagle took steps to make the marriages appear legitimate, such as photos of the couple together and joint bank accounts, it filed for permanent residency on behalf of the foreign citizen through immigrant visa petitions with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

MPEagle also quoted various fees to foreign clients depending on which visa category the client wished to apply for. For marriage visas, the immigration consultant firm might have charged a client as much as $60,000. For a work visa, the client might have been charged about $15,000.

On its website, MPEagle Consultants states that it provides immigration services related to employment, business and investment requests.

The important point to take from this story is that one must use sound judgment when researching visa options to travel to the United States. Several such US Immigration consultancy services out there are fraudulent in nature. As a good rule of thumb, if it seems to be too good (i.e. too easy) to be true, then it probably is. The U.S. has notoriously difficult immigration procedures in place, and there typically is no honest way to get around going through the lengthy visa process unless you are reeled into the clutches of a fraudulent service provider. If you do decide to enlist the assistance of an immigration professional, it would be most beneficial, and safe, to locate a qualified immigration attorney. Also, beware of unlicensed attorneys and immigration service providers, as they are certainly out there.

Even if you unknowingly become part of a fraudulent operation or use their services, legit or not, if you are on their client list then you may be scrutinized in the U.S. legal system through guilt by association.

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hi sir in tahiland work permit holder can go usa b1 visa

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