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Thailand Board Investment BOI Company Promotion

The Board of Investment (commonly referred to as "BOI") is a division of the Thai government intended to promote business start-ups and business projects in areas of industry and enterprise that are deemed desirable for the economic outlook of Thailand.

Types of businesses qualifying for Thai BOI Promotion

The BOI has specific guidelines for promotion of business projects. In general the Thai BOI looks toward long term sustainable growth industries with a good safety profile. Industries receiving priority for Thailand BOI privileges are companies in high tech areas, manufacturing and exporting businesses and businesses showing good prospects for future growth. Thailand also provides investment incentives for other non-industrial projects, such as nursing homes for the elderly and film production projects.

Types of promotion benefits offered by the Thailand BOI include:

Tax Related Benefits

Non-Tax Related Benefits

  • Tax holidays
  • Relief from or reduction of import taxes duties on both machinery and raw or essential materials
  • Deduction of transportation, electricity and water costs
  • Deduction of the projects infrastructure installation
  • Foreign majority ownership of the business
  • Foreign freehold landownership (for industrial related project only)
  • Easier work permits and visa procedures (One Stop Visa)

Applying for a Thailand BOI Promotion

A Thailand BOI Application form must be completed. Industries are organized categories. There are specific forms for each industry. The application forms ask for detailed information about the work process, capital investment, employee and material requirements and time frame for the project. Once completed the application is submitted to a BOI official who will review, make recommendations, and send to a committee who will offer a "BOI package" or proposal for benefits.



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