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Thailand US Visitor Visa

B1 and B2 Visa Thailand

The US Visitor visa is intended for those who wish to enter the United States for purposes of short-term business trips, the US B1 visa, or for pleasure, tourism or medical purposes, the US B2 visa.  Each year many Thais apply for the US Visitor’s visas; the US Embassy in Bangkok requires a significant amount of supplementary documentation and subjects Thai applications to a thorough review.

B1 Visa Thailand

The US B1 short-term business Visitor visas are for persons that are traveling to America primarily for business purposes that will take place in a relatively brief, specified time period.  For Thais that must consult with US business associates, attend scientific, educational, professional, business conventions, participate in a conference, meet with lawyers, or negotiate a contract, the B1 visa is most appropriate. 

B2 Visa Thailand

The US B2 pleasure, tourism and medical Visitor visas are either for persons that are travelling to America for recreational purposes or a specific medical treatment program.  For Thais that wish to visit friends or check out the major sightseeing attractions, the US B2 visa will allow them to do so.

US Visitor Visa Requirements

US B1 and B2 visas have becoming increasingly difficult for foreign nationals to acquire, Thais included.  The US Embassy carefully reviews all applicants before approving the visa, which then allows the Thai national to request entrance to the US at an official port of entry.  The Thai applicant must overcome the presumption of US immigration law policy that the B1 or B2 applicant is an “intending immigrant”: one who intends to stay in America permanently or for a period of time longer that that permitted by the visa.  Thus, the purpose of the visa must be validated by supporting documentation (for example, an invitation from business associates) and sufficient funds to cover the cost of the trip.  The Thai applicant must demonstrate strong ties to Thailand such as existing employment contracts or property ownership.

Thais that require a B2 visa for medical purposes must submit extensive documentation detailing diagnosis from local physician, reasons for treatment in the US, a letter from the hospital in the US that will provide treatment, as well as the projected cost and length of treatment.  The Thai applicant must also prove their financial ability to cover the costs of treatment.

For all Thai Visitor visa applicants, an interview at the US Embassy is required for those aged 14 – 79, without exception.  Further, all males aged between 16-45 must complete and submit form DS 157, requiring further information about the applicant’s past history and travel plans. 

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