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US Adjustment of Status Thailand

The US Adjustment of Status process refers to the process of obtaining lawful permanent residence, also known as obtaining a Green Card.  Adjustment of Status is completed from within the United States after a successful visa petition has allowed the applicant into the country.  For example, immediate family members, K non-immigrant visa holders, including their dependents, as well as some employment-based visa holders, may, under certain circumstances be eligible to apply for adjustment of status.

Adjustment of Status Process for Thais

The Thai fiancée/fiancé or spouse of an American citizen first has to apply and be accepted for a K1 or K3 visa, IR-1 or CR-1 visa and legally enter the United States.  The K1 fiancé(e) visa is a 90 day single entry visa; in order for a Thai fiancée/fiancé to get a Green Card, he/she must marry the American citizen that originally petitioned for their K1 visa and apply for adjustment of status, within the 90 day period.  The K1 visa cannot normally be extended.  For Thai K3 visa holders, they must also apply for adjustment of status after having arrived in the US.  The K3  visa confers greater rights than a K1 visa.

Adjustment of Status Requirements

In order to adjust to lawful permanent residence in the US, Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence and Adjust Status must be filed by the same American citizen petitioner that originally filed for the K1 or K3 visa. 

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