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Bangkok Lawyers

Our lawyers are based in Bangkok, the political and economic capital of Thailand.

Chaninat & Leeds is a full service law firm located in the business district of Bangkok, Thailand staffed by experience Thai and American lawyers.  The benefit of our central location is that Bangkok is the political, economic and social capital of Thailand and all major governmental offices are located here. 

As our firm specializes in international litigation involving Thailand, Bangkok provides access to all major courts and government agencies.  Our lawyers are well-versed litigators experienced in Bangkok’s courts, including nine civil and criminal courts and Thailand's Appellate and Supreme Courts; specialty courts, including the Court of Intellectual Property and International Trade, the Court of Bankruptcy, and the Labor Court are located exclusively in Bangkok.  Additionally all the seats of central government in Thailand, including the Department of Justice, Attorney General, Ministry of Commerce, Land Office, and virtually every other central government office is located in Bangkok.

Since the majority of commercial activity in the country occurs in Bangkok, it’s natural that most legal cases will be conducted in this cosmopolitan city, giving our Bangkok lawyers an expedient advantage.

Also, as the Thai government is highly centralized, provincial government offices act as satellite offices of Bangkok ministries.  Many significant transactions carried out at provincial branches must be funneled through Bangkok offices.

For example, company registration applications received by provincial government offices are generally sent to Bangkok for final approval.  Certain provincial real estate transactions must also be approved by the central Land Office.  Our lawyers in Bangkok are experienced in working with and through the central government offices as well as throughout Thailand for cases in the provinces such as land transactions and court litigation.

For our lawyers, having a Bangkok-based law firm is optimal because practically all major business and legal transactions must occur within Bangkok, including visa processing.  Many embassies and consulates are located here as well as bureaus such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services—a US lawyer in Bangkok is in an ideal position to oversee these visa applications. It is for these reasons that many of our clients prefer lawyers working from Bangkok rather than the provinces.

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