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US KI Fiancée Visa, Thailand

K1 Visa Thailand

The K1 Fiancée/ Fiancé visa allows the Thai fiancée/fiancé of an American citizen to enter the United States for a period of 90 days with the intention of getting married during this period.  The K1 visa allows the couple to experience life in America together and get accustomed to the country before a final decision to marry is made.  If the couple does not wish to get married, the Thai fiancée/ fiancé must leave the US before the 90 day period expires.  The K1 Fiancée visa is a single entry visa.

K1 Visa Requirements for Thais

For an American citizen to bring his/her Thai fiancée to the US on a Fiance visa Thailand, there are a number of requirements.  The relationship between the Thai and American must be substantiated, for example, by providing evidence of past phone conversations, email exchanges, photos of the couple together and other similar evidence.  Also, the couple must have physically met one another during the preceding two years.  Both the American and Thai must be single and legally eligible for marriage.  The children of the Thai fiancée/ fiancé are permitted to enter the US as well on the subsidiary K2 visa.

K1 Visa Process for Thais

The US citizen must submit a petition on behalf of his/her Thai fiancée/fiancé with the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS); after the petition is approved it is forwarded to the US Embassy in Bangkok.  After gathering appropriate documents for the K1 visa application, the Thai fiancé/fiancé must attend a K1 visa interview at the US Embassy.  Once the US K1 visa Thailand has been approved, he or she may travel to the US.  If the decision to marry is made, the Thai spouse must apply to adjust status during the allotted 90 days.  US fiancée/fiancé visas for Thais typically take a total estimated time of 5 to 7 months—from the initial petition filing date to the issuance of the visa.

US Immigration Lawyer Thailand

Many Americans that apply for a US Fiancée visa decide to enlist the assistance of a US Immigration Lawyer in Thailand.  Our law firm is managed by an American immigration lawyer licensed since 1987 and a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 1997.  Located in Bangkok, Thailand, our immigration lawyers have the advantage of direct access to and decades of experience working with the US Embassy in Bangkok and the Bangkok USCIS office.  Our US visa lawyers will assist with the collection of required documents—such as police reports and medical exams—completing necessary forms and will escort Thai applicants to the US Embassy for the K1 visa interview with your Thai fiancée/ fiancé. 

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