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US Visa Process in Thailand

Our licensed US visa lawyers are specialists in US visas and USA Immigration for Thai nationals.

There are a variety of different categories of immigrant and non-immigrant US visas available for Thai citizens to enter the US. Our law firm, managed by a licensed US visa lawyer, specializes in many types of US visas for Thais (including student, business, investment, marriage, fiancée, adoption and other family based immigration matters) for those seeking entry to the US.

General US Visa Information

There are two general categories of US visas: US Immigrant visas and US Non-immigrant visas. Our US visa lawyers can assist you in determining the best category for your visa situation. We can also assist you in submitting your US visa application to the US Embassy.

US Immigrant Visas Thailand

The majority of US immigrant visas are reserved for close relatives of US citizens or current legal permanent residents; however there are also visas available for investors or persons with a special skill or ability. Some of the most common US Immigrant Visa categories are:

Family Based Immigration US Visa: Immediate and non-immediate relatives of US citizen may be eligible for US immigrant visas issued according to a preference system.

US EB5 Investment Immigrant Visa: Available to immigrants who help to create jobs in the US by substantial investments in new or existing commercial enterprises.

US EB1 Extraordinary Ability Visa: US immigrant visas for persons with exceptional skills or talent including the executives of multinational corporations.

US EB2 and EB3 Skilled Worker Visas: Immigrant visas available to skilled workers with certain educational and professional qualifications and a job offer from a US employer.

US Non-Immigrant Visas Thailand

Persons planning to visit the US or live in the US for a temporary period should apply for non-immigrant visas. Our US visa lawyers can provide guidance in selecting the best category. The most popular categories of non-immigrant visas are:

US B1 and B2 Business Visitor Visa: Intended for those who wish to enter the United States for purposes of short-term business trips under the US B1 visa, or for pleasure, tourism or medical purposes under the US B2 visa.

US J1 Exchange Visitor Visa: Intended for those participating in exchanges under the US government’s Exchange Visitor Program, whereby organizations sponsor Thai and foreign nationals to enter the US primarily for the purpose of cultural exchange.

US J1 Student Visa: Available for those enrolled in academic and language training programs in the United States.

US K1 Fiancée Visa: The fiancé(e) visa permits the intended spouse of a US citizen to travel to the US and wed their US citizen fiancée within 90 days of arrival.

US K3 Marriage Visa: This visa category allows the spouses of US citizens to unite with their husband or wife in the United States while waiting for their US immigration claim to be processed.

US E1 and E2 Treaty Trader/Investor Visas: Available to owners or employees of businesses with at least 50% Thai ownership and significant trade between Thailand and the US.

US H Work and Specialty Occupation Visas: Available for professional and non-skilled workers with a job offer in the US.

US L1 Intra-company Transfer Visas: Intended for the transfer of executives, managers and other persons with specialized knowledge to a US affiliate company.

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