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Thailand Private Investigators

Tired of wannabe investigators wasting your time and money? For serious cases, entrust your investigation to a registered Thailand law firm with the credentials, experience, and tools to get the job done.

Our private investigator team consists of professional Thai police-assisted Thailand investigators working together with licensed Thailand (and USA) lawyers. We not only have the expertise, knowledge and investigation tools to get the information that you require, but we are a qualified law firm able to help you follow up on the investigation in the courtroom, with an arrest warrant or with a civil case (Thailand or International).

1) Why hire our law firm for your investigation case?

Experience: Our team of professional private investigators supervised by Thailand lawyers has seen it all. There is an old adage that states: "It's not what you know, it's what you can prove". Supervised by experienced lawyers with decades of courtroom battle experience, our investigators can not only provide useful information but our lawyers can also organize and prepare the evidence so that it will be more legally admissible and can be used in a court of law in Thailand or elsewhere.

Alliances: Often the old adage "It's not what you know but who you know" rings true in Thailand. Our private investigators, working in coordination with the Thailand Police Department and other investigation agencies, have assisted us in establishing a wide network of contacts throughout Thailand. Our professional private investigators and lawyers have handled thousands of cases with the Thailand police department and have developed working relationships with officials in numerous government departments.

Accountability: Our law firm is a registered Thailand company with a genuine Thailand office address, bank account and phone number. Our lawyers are all licensed, and our senior attorneys are seasoned professionals. You can rest assured that we will be around to finish your investigation and follow up with an arrest warrant or civil case.

2) How do you conduct your investigations?

It depends on the case. Our professional Thailand investigators often use the latest surveillance technology and investigation equipment. We have the capacity to do 24 hour surveillance and tracking to obtain sensitive information. For other cases involving document research and recovery, more standard methods are used.

3) Why does a Thailand law firm perform investigations?

In Thailand, unlike many western jurisdictions, criminal cases may be filed privately (in addition to having the Attorney General (public prosecutor) file on a victim's behalf). Over the course of years we have prosecuted and arrested numerous wrongdoers and have developed an expertise in tracking people down. Secondly, it is only logical that a law firm provides investigation services to locate evidence, since a successful court case is dependent on good, legally acceptable evidence. Again the old adage "It's not what you know but what you can prove" is important. Many other individuals and families in need have contacted us to assist with missing relatives and we have located numerous depressed, lost and hiding individuals.

4) Do you do investigation and surveillance of spouses and partners regarding domestic issues?

Yes, we track and record unfaithful spouses. Thailand is not a "no-fault" divorce jurisdiction and evidence of unfaithfulness is sometimes required to secure a Thailand court divorce. We conduct our domestic surveillance cases with discretion and professionalism.

5) What types of investigation cases do you handle?

Insurance fraud and embezzlement, domestic surveillance investigation, missing persons, fugitive apprehension and bounty hunting, asset search, public record research, company background investigation, land ownership verification and employment verification are some of types of investigation cases that we perform regularly.



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