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Tel : (662) 168 7001 (-3)
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Bangkok US Lawyer

Our US lawyers are based in Bangkok and specialize in US Thai Law

Chaninat & Leeds is a US-Thailand law firm located in Bangkok, Thailand and is staffed by licensed Thai attorneys and licensed US lawyers. Managed by a US lawyer that is fluent in the Thai language, the majority of the staff is also bilingual. Bangkok is the political, economic and social capital of Thailand—a major international city for both business and leisure.  US citizens often have the need for a US lawyer in Thailand as a result of US immigration issues, family matters, business and trade interactions, retirement and lifestyle concerns or real estate purchasing.

US Immigration Lawyer in Bangkok

Our US lawyers specialize in immigration to America and are able to facilitate the issuance of all types of US visas including fiancé(e) K1 visas, marriage K3 visas, other types of business and trade visas as well as US visa waivers. Other family related matters, such as Thai-US adoption, Thai American prenuptial agreements, marriage registration in Thailand and Thailand US divorce procedures are effectively overseen by our firm.  A US lawyer in Bangkok can further assist with registering births of US citizens born abroad. 

For all consular and visa-related processes, the US Embassy is located in Bangkok, about two kilometers from our office, as is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Asian regional office.  Our Bangkok lawyers have easy access to all these offices. 

US Lawyer for Trade and Business in Thailand

Since the majority of commercial activity in the country occurs in Bangkok, it’s natural that most legal cases will be conducted in this cosmopolitan city, giving our Bangkok attorneys an expedient advantage. All trade-related legal issues including company registration, intellectual property law and copyright issues are covered by our US law firm in Bangkok.  Company registration by a US-Thai law firm is also specialized due to the privileges US citizens have with regard to the US-Thai Amity Treaty. 

US Lawyer for Real Estate in Thailand

American lawyers in Bangkok are best positioned to help with the legal needs of those seeking to acquire real estate in Thailand including condominium purchase in Thailand, advice on Thai property law, Thailand land leases and mortgages, and usufruct and habitation in Thailand.  Our American lawyers have years of expertise working in Thailand and can provide services for all types of Thai/American legal issues.

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