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INTERPOL Notices and Defense

INTERPOL Background

INTERPOL (officially known as the International Criminal Police Organization) was created in 1923 and is one of the world’s largest and multi-faceted police and crime fighting organizations. There are 188 countries cooperating with Interpol, as its main purpose is to facilitate and enhance cooperation between international police organizations with the aim to identify, address, prevent and combat international crimes of all types. Where diplomatic relations do not exist between certain nations, INTERPOL can provide assistance to enable police cooperation and ensure that action is taken in compliance with existing laws within the countries involved. Interpol maintains its headquarters in Lyon, France.

Effect of INTERPOL:

The issuance of an Interpol notice can limit a person’s ability to travel and may subject him or her to arrest. Persons may find themselves subject to Interpol notices as a result of a conviction or warrant. Many persons find themselves aggrieved by Interpol notices wrongfully issued.

Interpol is not a court of law and the rights of suspects and Defendants are more limited. Nevertheless knowledgeable attorneys may be able to assist with the removal or correction of a wrongfully issued notice.  

INTERPOL notice types include:

Red notice
Issued to request the arrest of internationally wanted persons, likely to lead to the extradition of that individual. This notice is the closest option to an international arrest warrant, even though INTERPOL does not have the direct authority to issue an actual arrest warrant as this is solely within the power of sovereign member countries.

Blue notice
Issued to request additional information in relation to an individual involved in a crime

Green notice
Issued to distribute warnings and to provide intelligence about individuals who have been involved in a crime and are likely to repeat the offense(s) in another country.

Yellow notice
Issued to enlist assistance in finding missing persons, or identifying people who are not currently able to identify themselves.

Black notice
Issued to request information about unidentified bodies

Orange notice
Issued to warn international police organizations about potential threats, including dangerous materials, bombs and disguised weapons.

Interpol-United Nations Security Council Special Notice
Issued for individuals or groups of people who have become targets of UN sanctions against Al Qaeda and the Taliban.



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