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Surrogacy and IVF Thailand

Surrogacy births provide an alternative method for having children. A couple may choose a surrogate to give birth to their child for a number of reasons.  Although medical technology has made great advances in the field of IVF pregnancies and surrogate births, the development  of the law in these areas has unfortunately lagged behind.  The practice of surrogacy can pose complicated legal issues, particularly when the surrogate mother is in a country other than where the intending parents hold citizenship.

Surrogacy in Thailand

Thailand recently passed a comprehensive surrogacy law in 2015 that limited the rights of intended parents and surrogates.  Prior to the 2015 law, there were agencies and health clinics that openly engaged in locating surrogate mothers and egg donors.  Nevertheless, IVF implantation, egg donation and surrogacy are new carefully controlled procedures that require specific governmental approval. 

Surrogacy Process in Thailand

In general, most clients are concerned with the following issues: a) how to protect their relationship with their child in the event that the surrogate mother chooses to renege on the agreement and claim legal rights to the child and; b) how to obtain legal rights as parents of the newborn and; c) how to obtain a visa and citizenship for the child, if the parents are from a country different than that of the surrogate. 

Surrogacy Lawyer Thailand

The legal issues and solutions to any surrogacy, IVF and egg donation case need to be considered on an individual basis.  There are many factors influencing these cases, including the nationality of the parents, the form of surrogacy or egg donation utilized and the hospital(s) involved.  Chaninat and Leeds has extensive experience in the area of IVF, egg donation and surrogacy law in Thailand. 

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