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US Thailand Lawyer

Chaninat & Leeds is an American-Thai law firm based in Bangkok. Our US-Thai lawyers specialize in US-Thailand family law, prenuptial agreements involving the US and Thailand, and US-Thai immigration law for Thai persons. Staffed by Thai and American bilingual lawyers, Chaninat & Leeds provides US and Thailand clients with expert legal advice backed by years of experience with Thai and USA legal systems.

US Visa/ US Immigration Lawyers in Thailand

Our US immigration lawyers specialize in US immigration cases and US visas from Thailand, including K1 and K3 visas and other types of short term US business visas and student visas. With a large US Embassy complex located in central Bangkok, about three miles from our office, and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the same location, Chaninat & Leeds is ideally positioned for our US-Thailand lawyers and clients to easily access the appropriate US Immigration offices in Thailand for US visa services.

US Family Law and US-Thai Prenuptial Agreements

As a full service law firm, Chaninat & Leeds also provides legal advice and law services for family law issues involving US-Thai law. The family law cases our US-Thailand lawyers assist with range from parental rights cases, guardianship cases, child custody and child support cases, to divorce, separation, property and asset dispute cases.

Other family law matters involve the creation of prenuptial agreements valid under US and Thailand laws. A skillfully drafted US-Thailand prenuptial agreement can help govern the future of a married couple’s financial arrangements, particularly in the case of divorce. Prenuptial agreements are not treated equally within different countries however, and conflict of law issues can arise in such US-Thailand prenup agreement cases. In order to prepare a prenuptial agreement that can withstand the various challenges it might face if brought into the court in a case outside of Thailand’s jurisdiction, experienced USA-Thailand prenuptial agreement lawyers are necessary.

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